Monday, January 13, 2014

catchin' up

So what has been happening for the past month or so?
Well first off merry Christmas and happy new year, belatedly.

Frankly not a whole lot. Home ownership keept me super busy with broken water heaters, blizzards, and the like. There’s no sign of this nonsense every letting up, so I better work it into my landscape and get on with life. That said I love living in Ipswich, so come on by, friends, the door is always open.

So just a few tidbits to get caught up.

Christmas: it’s my house, so that means a REAL tree, and opening presents on Christmas morning, NOT Christmas eve. It also means big, colored, old school lights. Little white lights – I banish you to the ‘80’s; get thee hence!

New years – it was so bloody cold that I was stoked to stay home and watch the Three Stooges marathon. Back in the Dana Hersey/WSBK Channel 38 days it started at 6 or seven and went through to about 3. Marathon means marathon. This year’s Stooges marathon was a glorified Kelly’s Roast Beef infomercial, with a few Stooges episodes sprinkled in for good measure. Lame.

And then the Babylon Blizzard – I don’t know why I call it that – but it was hefty, with a deep freeze follow up.

All the best for 2014, here’s to more of this in the coming year, because it was conspicuously absent in 2013.


That is all, carry on.