Monday, November 30, 2015

Euskal Herria - a few last pics from Basque Country, San Sebastián, and Paris

It will be ages before I can boast such an amazing title for a blog post and not be bullshitting you. So here are just a few last pics from the trip:
Bodegala Plancha, Saint Jean de Luz - just go here.
Chez Renauld - Saint Jean de Luz - super fun for post surf Eki (local beer) and some mussels
More Chez Renauld
The rockin' ride for the trip in front of the amazing Fati Tattoo in Biarritz -
 authentic Polynesian ink - Marquesan style
they really care here - way to go folks, keep up the bon travail!
DSC02287 DSC02213 DSC02176 DSC02156 DSC02111 DSC02103

San Sebastian: Hye Tyde in Spain!- this city is just too cool
DSC02109 DSC02266
Bittersweet return to Passy to catch up with old friends, this is where I lived 1986-87, and stayed with an absolutely charming host family. Sadly the host mother died 2 years ago, life goes on, and she left behind 15 grandchildren, dis donc! Mme Launay, you were a class act 100%, with love. But catching up with my host 'father' was amazing - recounting life under German occupation, the air raids, his time as both an engineer and soldier in Algeria. This completed the trip.
DSC02360 DSC02373 DSC02368