Saturday, January 8, 2011

Carl Ekström and the Asymmetrical Surfboard

I was always confused by these until I tool to time and read up about them. I know the Surfer''s Journal did a big pice on him recently - and he has an interesting background.

Carl Ekström is a San Diego shaper who patented the asymmetrical surfboard in 1967. His motivation for creating the design was his desire to surf his home break of Windansea equally well going both right and left. He found a good board for his backhand surfing and he found a good board for his forehand surfing, but he struggled to find one to fit both styles of riding. He found a solution when he combined the designs of each surfboard.

I'll quote the man: “You can go to an Al Merrick catalog and pick out what you think would be good backside board. And then you might find a fish that could be a good front side board and combine the two. It’s as simple as that.”

Need aboard which suits your style for both frontside and backside surfing? Maybe an asymmetrically railed surfboard is for you. For me I'm equally lame both front and back sided, but the concept makes sense and they sure are wild lookin'.

He also made some gorgeous knifey railed traditional boards too.

The umlaut - maybe he's intö metal, but that's höw he spells it, and I just found the keyboard shörtcut - whöö höö!

Cool Swedish name and a kool logo too!: