Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for 2011

After reading so many good ones here goes – the overall themes are:
break the routine, streamline my life, open up, lighten up, & loosen up - let people, ideas, food, places flow over me lest I get stale. Lastly, focus on what matters and screw the rest. Here's the breakdown:
• Cross step & nose ride better – breathe and hang loose – it works
• Hike Mount Lafayette in NH – I’m actually really stoked on this – can someone join me – it will be a no-surf weekend – those do happen.
Sunrise, Franconia Ridge
• Finally get to Nova Scotia, AND have a written-in-stone plan for a trip abroad in 2012 – we’re talking tickets, reservations, the whole nine. I dunno – UK, (London/North Devon, Cornwall) or Cote Basque/Paris - or Germany/Austria - A surf trip that remembers there’s a world outside of surfing.
• Be timely. Timeliness, the 1st rule in show biz
• Explore and ride the local off-shore breaks – ain’t nothing to it but to do it.
Twin lights
• Finish the stack of books next to my bed
• Less beer (less, not no)– more wine
• Expand my professional skill set
• Trail running – it’s fun, so do more
• See more art
• Be under 200lbs – almost there– commit to crossfit
• Listen to people, they’ve heard me, shut it and hear folks, it adds value to my life, they appreciate it.
• Find new subjects for photography, especially people & faces.
• Do more cycling – much more – and do it in Vermont, it’s been 20 years since I’ve been there.
• No more piddling around until 2am – turn the light out & put the coffee on in the morning and get a move on. Hours are like diamonds.
• Behaviours, thinking, and habits that no longer serve me can pass
• Pack my lunch, shoot for 3x/week – we know how that can save
• Not feeling sorry for oneself, it’s unattractive.
• And big up myself, I’m not bad

And big up yo’ selfs in 2011 - I know that for all of you, dear readers, there will always be a bright dawn ahead.