Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for 2011

After reading so many good ones here goes – the overall themes are:
break the routine, streamline my life, open up, lighten up, & loosen up - let people, ideas, food, places flow over me lest I get stale. Lastly, focus on what matters and screw the rest. Here's the breakdown:
• Cross step & nose ride better – breathe and hang loose – it works
• Hike Mount Lafayette in NH – I’m actually really stoked on this – can someone join me – it will be a no-surf weekend – those do happen.
Sunrise, Franconia Ridge
• Finally get to Nova Scotia, AND have a written-in-stone plan for a trip abroad in 2012 – we’re talking tickets, reservations, the whole nine. I dunno – UK, (London/North Devon, Cornwall) or Cote Basque/Paris - or Germany/Austria - A surf trip that remembers there’s a world outside of surfing.
• Be timely. Timeliness, the 1st rule in show biz
• Explore and ride the local off-shore breaks – ain’t nothing to it but to do it.
Twin lights
• Finish the stack of books next to my bed
• Less beer (less, not no)– more wine
• Expand my professional skill set
• Trail running – it’s fun, so do more
• See more art
• Be under 200lbs – almost there– commit to crossfit
• Listen to people, they’ve heard me, shut it and hear folks, it adds value to my life, they appreciate it.
• Find new subjects for photography, especially people & faces.
• Do more cycling – much more – and do it in Vermont, it’s been 20 years since I’ve been there.
• No more piddling around until 2am – turn the light out & put the coffee on in the morning and get a move on. Hours are like diamonds.
• Behaviours, thinking, and habits that no longer serve me can pass
• Pack my lunch, shoot for 3x/week – we know how that can save
• Not feeling sorry for oneself, it’s unattractive.
• And big up myself, I’m not bad

And big up yo’ selfs in 2011 - I know that for all of you, dear readers, there will always be a bright dawn ahead.


  1. suggest french basque coast, biarritz, etc, san sebastian, bordeaux, france...killer surf, french culture and food rock, paris blows away germany...my 2 cents...any trip is a good trip in the end...

  2. Great resolutions! I can relate to a few of them! If you come to North Devon, give me a shout and I'll show you our breaks!

    Happy New Year!

  3. hey John, happy new year!

    make sure you say hi if you make it to north devon!

  4. There are some great ones in there that will now be added to my list. Thank you!

  5. Good sentiments for sure, even if you get half of them done your a better man for it. Nova Scotia been on my list for a while now as well maybe 2011 the year