Monday, January 24, 2011

Musclecar Monday '65 Ford Falcon Sprint

If there were ever an American people’s car, it would be a 3 way tie between the Chevy Nova, the Dodge Dart and the Ford falcon. It’s tough for a Ford fan like me to say this, but I always thought falcons were kinda crap cans, ‘till I saw this.

Ford had a project to produce a compact sedan, which later became Falcon, the idea was to create what by American standards of the time a small car, but elsewhere in the world would be considered a mid-size car. With room for six passengers in reasonable comfort, to keep the price down, engineers designed a unibody, keeping suspension standard and sourced from Ford's existing parts bin. This allowed both an improvement in build quality, yet the reliable Ford Falcon was an affordable car for its time.

The Falcon’s Sprint Package added the amazing 260 V8, a stiffer suspension, and a louder exhaust. Also, the Sprint model was built for use in Ford's racing program. The Falcon Sprint was a nice alternative to the new Mustang because it was something you could order and get right away. Ford dealers had plenty of them on the lot. But because the Mustang had the same options that the Sprint had for only a small amount more the Sprint never caught on. Even with the addition of the 289 V8 in late 64 the Sprint was overshadowed by the Mustang, and was discontinued after 1965. The Mustang dealt Falcon sales in North America a blow from which they would never recover. But 45 years later, the Falcon Sprint remains a nice alternative to the Mustang.

They were a part of Ford's racing program as well.
Thanks big brother Mike for the picture!