Thursday, April 14, 2011

4-12-11 locally before sundown

Fun for what it was - leave work at 6:30 and still enough time and light to get my gear and hook into a few waisties.
IMG_6551 - Version 2


  1. Looks like an interesting beach, quite similar to a few round here.

    How's the water temp your way, we've got light til nearly 9PM now and the gloves came off last week hooray!

  2. It's OK - it's handy and can be quite fun. Water temp here is still only 40° (4.5° C), so we can't even use 4mm yet, let alone skipping the mittens. Spring is late this year, last year we were spoiled.

    Light 'till 9! plus that gorgeous country & beaches. I'd love to visit, I've only been to London - unforgettable trips.