Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Update

  • Another year older and feeling just fine
    Enjoyable saturday Morning leftovers

  • Getting my ass out of bed on a day off sure pays off - my paddling muscles are like wet noodles, and the Tyer Wingnose is a tricky board -- get to that nose & stand on the gas!IMG_6478

  • I'm loving the new diggs more and more each day - Rocking curtain courtesy of Jenny & her amazing Second Wind Sails Thanks J you rule!
    chute 008

  • East Gloucester is a great communityIMG_6425

  • You know Winter is over when the worst a cold front can dish out is a brisk 40 degree dayIMG_6440


  • Happy birthday Janet, your bash rocked! That wasn't your average DJ - the dude laid down some fat tracks!DSC00552