Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stolen Board up in Maine - be on the lookout in ME - MA - NH - RI

A poor sod in Maine had his/her board riped off - keep an eye eye and kick the m-effer in the nuts:

Stolen Board Alert (reprinted from ebay):


9'6" Robert August Wingnut Model.
Yellow rails and Bottom
Serial Number: 31024, written in stringer on bottom.
This item is not for sale! Please do not bid on this!
I am trying to recover a stolen surfboard.

I am offerring $500.00 for the return of this board. I am offering a large REWARD for information leading to the return of this board to me. By the pictures it is reasonably identifiable. The tail has been repaired as I broke it jumping off jetties some time ago.

The board is most like in the Wells Beach area of MAINE. Maybe York Beach, Old Orchord, Kennebunk, Cape Cod or surrounding areas.Maybe in Massachusetts somewhere. In any case, I will pay all shipping charges to get this back. This is a specially designed board and I would like to have it back. I felt this is a good venue to post a Reward if Found listing with all the surfers out there that view eBay. If you know who has it and don't want to be involved, I will give your information that you can give to me, to the Police and pay you once the board is recovered. Again, as surfers, we must stick together. Please help if you have any information. You can call me at 713-927-9617 or e-mail me: with any information.


Original ebay post