Friday, December 2, 2011

Pre-trip eye candy - dream of smooth flying & waves

With 101 things to do, and I cannot stop daydreaming. But since this time tomorrow I'll be Tortola (**** yeah Tortola!), what do you expect. The flight is on American Airlines, and traveling with a board is a major hassle. So my ADD mind starts wondering/wondering: Wouldn't a Seaplane be perfect? Like those big WWII jobs? Load up your stuff, fly to the break, land, drop anchor and have at it. Jacques Cousteau had one (above), so there.

I gotta see this - Palos Verdes in the 60's, clay wheels, even their surf team rider jackets are the coolest - and any of those cars in the lot are Musclecar Monday material!

More randomness:

The 777 is the liveliest traditional singlefin log you could imagine. Here's it's creator smacking it in El Porto (photo: Brad Jacobson):