Tuesday, December 13, 2011

**** yeah Tortola pt. 1

Amazing Tortola, I could go on & on, it's all been said. Super people, it's not Bermuda (thankfully) but the place is clean and picked up, pride in their little island. Cape Ann - take note!
It's Easy to get here from Boston

The American Airlines raped me on the board transport - $150 each way, dings incuded.
The TSA opened my bag along the way (see the note the we so kind to leave me?) but the moved all the bubble wrap & pipe insulation.

This little guy was in my window/curtains. Initial unease gave way to admiration when he shot off and gobbled a moth.
But lets accentuate the positive! The waves are consistenty bigger than they look, and far faster & punchier. Water temps, air temps both 83° all week. I got drilled pretty hard on Tuesday. Maybe I should start going short? I'm envious of the shortboarders - maybe because it was good to see them on a real wave. Locals here rip - guys and gals alike.
My Surfer's Journal momenent came at this cove - about 4' and one eye on the coral bottom. It's no joke, I lucked out, but cut up feet and legs are a common sight on visitors.
Cool vehicles you cannot get in the states - the Suzuki Jimmy - tiny sewing machine of a truck, but Suzi-Q did it all. You can rent yours from Denzil Clyne Car Rentals on the West End.
Great food - lots of chicken & fish, and Roti's rock - this is a Paté - hot filled with a spicy fish paste:
The color!:
To be continued.