Monday, May 21, 2012

Muscle Car Monday: - Indy/May #2: '67: Whhhooosshhh!! Turbine Power Fail 10 Laps From Changing History

Parnelli Jones's STP Turbine in the 1967 Indianapolis 500
The STP turbine cars were amazing machines, and beautifully put together - just too advanced. The car dominated and was sidelined by & a 10 cent part failure - total crap luck if you ask me. Andy Granatelli & Parnelli Jones were the real deal and deserved far more than Indy ever gave back, and good on them for never being afraid to try new things.
The 1967 Indianapolis 500
1967 Indianapolis 500
Love the Team Granatelli STP p.j.'s!

The turbine was a sensation, very fast, brilliant design, and a pretty car to boot. It made 1967 one of the most exciting Indy 500's ever. Too bad the cars are so LAME now. They lost me years ago, so I wallow in youtube.

George Follmer,Linda Vaughn and Rufus Parnelli Jones
It looks like Parnelli got over it!