Friday, May 25, 2012

Palos Verdes 1941 by the Surfing Heritage Foundation

This picture really captures the place - wave & all. Back around 1998-2003 there were long time area guys named Saff, Jocko, and Frosty - pretty good dudes. I never had any trouble there, and it has a storied past.

But on a good day the vibe was mellow. Definite pecking order for the set waves (a strory in itself) - but plenty for everyone and always a grin on. A different time and a different scene: the shortboarders were killing it (and each other) nearby and around the points, and the crowd level was far more manageable.

It doesn't get any more authentic than the Cove and it was so satisfying to ride it during the fun Winter swells. Watching the hard core veterans charge it was a charge. This is an all day spot: the wave is so fun,then the sunsets would light up the cliffs - all iron-deposits and orange. That on one side and bombs backlit by the sunset on the other.

It Pumps there (my pic below)- at which point I'm high and dry with my bi-nocs or camera as shown:

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