Monday, May 7, 2012

week 2 of blowing the pipes out mentally: Mt Lafayette redux

We caught a huge break with the weather.

The forest primeval - parts of the trail were like an emerald-lined tavern, moss, ferns, fiddleheads, etc.

I always depended on the kindness of strangers, some kind gals from Maine had surplus sushi at the hut.

The Hut - alot like Hogan's Heros, but no radio in the coffee can or barbed wire.

The full moon was especially bright - dang lens kept fogging up.

The descent

The surf has been horrible - I'd love to cover more of that - but maybe it's time to put some of the grease back in the Tyde untl the waves come up - it is May after all! That means - yes I got it - Indycar Tuesday - each Tuesday or whenever I damn feel like it I'll feature a cool Indy racer from back in the day.