Friday, July 12, 2013

Heatwave Flatspell Update

July flatness is upon us – time to break out the SUP and explore around.  Cycling? As much as I’m dying to get out and ride my ass off, recent 90 degree (30+ C) plus heavy-as-stone humid air has ruled that out for now.
One paddle of note – gliding up the Annisquam River along the salt marshes.  Lovely, serene, etc. until the sun hit a certain angle.  Then the mellow glide was a 2 mile sprint paddle in a failed attempt to outrun the mosquitoes.  The welts on my face have gone, and it was pretty. DSC00843

And the film fun continues – the local CVS will dump their film processing any day now so I’m getting my pix in before “progress” coerces us into the man’s preferred  digital format. 09290007 09290001 09290008

And I’m getting more and more stoked for my new digs!! C’mon by when I move in – August 30 is the day.