Wednesday, July 3, 2013

more old timey self-indulgent photographs

Because I know how much y'all love looking at me!

My family has had 6 real estate transactions in 1 year, after spending something like 60+ years in the same places. That means a lot of old shit bubbles to the surface during the many moves.

The stuff ranges from amazing to useless, from piss-poor to very nice, but all the memories are fond ones. So one last look back before moving forward, looking to the future.

Some "hye-lights" (sorry)
A man and his dog, 1976 - her name was Maxine (or just "Max!"). A sweet pup but awfully skitterish. Not an alpha dog by any means.

Ennui through a Fish-eye lens

With a donation of just $2 a day little Johnny will receive medical care and a hot breakfast, won't you please help?

Paipos? Alaias? Surfmats? Bitch, please! 1972: I'm getting ready to charge the heavy cloudbreak outside on my plastic kickboard shaped to resemble a manta ray - the gill slits aren't visible. Kustomized with STP stickers from Saf Steven's Esso station. What I'd do to have that hanging in my man cave/quiver room today!

Thanks for bearing with me!