Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Musclecar Monday - Firebird in Verdoro Green

It's unfair to say the Firebird was just a rehash on the Camaro, the early ones were legitimate Pontiacs, but at the same time there would be no Firebird were it not for the Camaro.

Despite using the same front fenders, doors, and rear fenders as the Camaro, the Firebird's pretty front grille, and slitted taillights gave it a very Pontiac vibe. But the big difference was the range of Pontiac, not Chevy motors. I wonder if this has the special "H.O." (High Output) version of the 326 V8?

This one is super clean and the vinyl roof is especially authentic.  They were a popular option back in the day.

Lastly - roof racks are usually points off for me, but these are like those old school Aloha brand racks for side-by-side log haulin'.

This gem spotted on Sunday's trip south of the border...a great segue into the next post.  Is it a '67 or '68?