Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas musings:

It’s comic that morons like Sean Hannity and Jay Severin and the whole neo-con right have hijacked the whole Jesus thing. Hannity even had the balls to say on air that Jesus would be a Republican. Ummm – O.K.

Who would Jesus bomb?

I'm no Bible thumper, seriously, friends, but here goes:


•Advocated peace and non-violence
•I'll say it again: Advocated peace and non-violence
•Championed workers’ and woman's rights
•Fought poverty, injustice, materialism
•Helped the sick, blind, lepers
•Called religious zealots on their bullshit
•Was a good Jew
•Alleviated suffering, and told his followers to do the same
•Advised followers to stick it to the man
•Taught tolerance
•Challenged folks to think outside of established frameworks, and to think for themselves

What kind of lefty is this?!! An ACLU lawyer? Is this Noam Chomsky? Al Franken? Bobby Kennedy? Dr. King? Gandi? Possibly, but it’s not who I have in mind this time.

Yeah, sounds good to me, happy birthday, Jesus