Monday, December 15, 2008

December 13-14

A strong system late last week produced waves for Friday & Saturday. The winds were so strong I was sure it would be blown flat by morning. Not the case – pulling up to the beach and damn – waves – I blew it. But with strong offshores and temps around 29°, it was hard to get into it. Plus without any gear a photo session would have to do.


I went out later at Long – fun but not as fun as the morning looked. 2 vary fast rights

Flatness on Sunday – but it had been ages since I’d been to Newport. Island Sports – now partnered with Elemental – has a super selection of logs & single fin timber. I dug the clear triple stringer Yater Spoon, the Hansen 50-50, and the wild vintage timber. They sell those killer Patagonia wetsuits - $392 – marked down from $490 – not bad but still a steep price.

Always a good time in Newport – even without surf. 2 of the coolest kids ever sprinted into the 40° water for a dip.
Passing back through Boston I hit such bad traffic I pulled off on Dot ave to exprore some dinner and found myself at Mr. Sushi - amazing.