Monday, December 15, 2008

Kids – the 1995 movie

UH OH – film musings: I just watched this and was blown away.


I won't give anything you don't already know away – it deals with a day in the life of a group of kids. An HIV-positive skateboarder (played by Leo Fitzpatrick) sets out to deflower as many virgins as possible while a local girl (Chloë Sevigny) who contracted his disease tries to save his next target from her same fate. Their world is so depraved and bleak. This is Larry Clark's major breakthrough film. Has he done anything else of note?


An 18 year-old Chloë Sevigny steals the show – such a talent! This was her first major role and she hits a grand slam. Her face – wow the kid could act. Any doubts – see Boys Don’t Cry.

Rosario Dawson – amazing as always

Two unknowns for me were Leo Fitzpatrick and Justin Pierce.

The movie draws you right in. If you haven’t seen it please do!