Saturday, December 5, 2009

Always a good time

10:00 a.m. And there are 3 new messages on the cell phone. The only one of any importance was that there was still some fun waves way far up north. Special J convinced me to get off the rock and hit some Maine surf.
There was a lot of water, but with such limited light these days waiting around for the tide to drop wasn’t really an option. The Mini Zeke was the choice today, I just felt like riding it on a small out-of-state beach break. Making it up in good time, I suited up and was in the water. It started to snow just a little. That’s the 1st time for me since 1998 – surfing while there was snow in the air. 40 degrees was the air temp, and the water temp up there was in the mid 40’s.
It as bigger and much better before my arrival, all there was leftover was thigh to waist high clean and fast peelers, but mostly closeouts. I did snag a pretty good batch of pics of Special J in a good northern slider.
Crazy wet snow on the way home, good call on bailing when the bailing as good.