Monday, December 14, 2009

Amazing Tyler Pig Template

It’s not that often when Tyler comes up with a new shape, so when he does, it’s always something pretty rad.

This time it’s a pig style board. Pigs go back to the late 50’s early 60’s, and were pioneered by Dale Velzy. Generally speaking, pigs have fuller bellies, and a more pulled-in nose. But the most noticeable characteristic is the wide point of the board is in towards the tail.

Recently they have enjoyed an increase in interest. What Tyler likes to do is re-visit older designs he feels still have room for development, and he tests and tests and tests. His team riders are more like test pilots (that’s what he calls them).

Here’s a first series of his pig design. He’s got the background, he shaped and apprenticed under Hap Jacobs, who shaped with Dale Velzy. So these things are gonna ride the nuts.

I'll take one in orange.