Sunday, December 13, 2009

leave it to me to start the day's outing house shopping and end up firing assault rifles

Photos from a nearby firing range might be interesting was the idea.

Before I knew it I was John Effing Wayne. The folks there offered to let me try their weapons, and were extremely safety conscious.

4 surprises for me:
1: AK-47's are legal in Massachusetts (they are also extremely loud)
2: Folks at the rifle range aren't foaming-at-the-mouth militia types. Rather, country squire types.
3: A pickup in the lot had an Obama sticker on it.
4: As a 1st timer, I'm a crack shot with a handgun (not just any pistol, a .45 cal Colt m1911, thank you very much). Hooooo-ahhh!
Don't worry - I'll stick to lethal longboards.