Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun Point Judith Session

Nothing epic, kinda crappy, but it’s all about breaking up the routine. I Met up ith Johna at pt Judith Lighthouse for a late summer surf.

The trip down put me in a bad space, there was a WAAF motorcycle run. Great, I love bikes, everyone knows that. I love charity, everyone knows that too (ahem). But seriously, why does the state police block 3 lanes of highway on Summer weekend when all the bikers are using just one lane? It was like a motorcade for cryin’ out loud. WAAF – a has been station anyway.
So I finally get there, quite the crowd – it was a warm Sunday after all. Johna and I surfed Gazebos, The Tyler 305 (aka Yellow) was doing her thing, long easy trim rides, but WATCH THE ROCKS! No incidents, but surfing Judith is for surfers who think.

I got totally snaked on a ride, but it was by mistake, and it was a crap wave too – no bigs. The young lady was sorry, and since I’m not a local dude, why not be gracious about things? It went far, other dudes in the lineup were appreciative. A little aloha goes a long way.

The place has the mellowest vibe. It does more for my head than all the antidepressants in Boston.

Later at Pilgrim, we watched the funnest glass off thigh highs in the world. ‘Green Board Guy’ was killing it, and he had the place all to himself. Remind me friends, why do I live here?
The Mews Tavern in Wakefield is a great place for après surf grinds. Nice menu, great service, and 69 varieties of drafts on tap. Can’t beat that!

I’m gearing up for the big Montauk trip. A few more mid-week tune up sessions would be super.