Friday, August 29, 2008

Ripping in Italy

As you all know, I have the great honor of being the web guy for Tyler Surfboards.

I love it when folks e-mail me photos to be added to the website. The quality of the images run from piss-poor to very nicely done. Well these photos were a most welcome surprise.

An Italian Tyler surfboard rider/owner/enthusiast was very kind to send in these photographs.

  • I had no idea the waves were so nice in the Mediterranean!

  • I had no idea there was a longboard scene in Italy, I know they surf over there, but I thought it was for the occasional wind swell but otherwise wishful grovelling.

  • Thee guys rip! Amazing for a place that's notoriously inconsistent.

  • Good on ya Maties!

  • I gotta hook up with this scene, Italian girls, cars, architecture, music, film, design, food, fun, and folks rule. I'll never forget my trip there in '86.

Thanks, mahalo, grazie, e aloha Zion! Keep them coming!