Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rhody Surf - Fun City

As a supposed “soul surfer”’ I don’t do too much traveling for surf. I talk the talk, but do I walk the walk? Well Friday I scored at Point Judith. More than scored, I hit the jackpot, a grand slam!

The picture below does it no justice, it was too fun to sit around waiting for the set waves to photograph.


Long story short, it’s been ages since I’ve been to Rhode Island, I drove straight to point Judith, described in as a “world class break”. It’s unique for New England in that it’s a point break. A right, and when it works you get long long rides.

In my 2 sessions, I lost count of how many world-class rides I got. I savoured Long rights and fun cutbacks. So I’ll spare you the long saga and give you some bullet points, we’ll see how it goes.

  • The yellow 305 is back! Not just for groveling anymore, she rips big 180 degree cutbacks, sweet bottom turns, sweet off-the-lips, I even threw some spray!

  • IMG_0428.JPG
  • There were 3 waves of the day, and I was on all three, beeeyothches! And to toot my horn a bit more, I rocked those waves with total command & style, dropping my knee, cross stepping, and pulling out. And get this, all with out a leash.

  • No more than 5 people out, only 3 for the longest time

  • The folks who were out were so mellow, gotta love the mellow Summer vibe

  • A dude & his son were out, he was on his SUP, and the boy was on a 7’11” Hunt Customs pintail in pistachio green. I wish I had a picture, it was that groovy. And the boy, 12 at the most, was super good, and a nice kid to boot. His dad was very cool.

  • The girl in hospital scrubs showed up just as I was getting out, she was so amped to surf in the 20 minutes of light that remained. Talk about stoke, she had it, (and much more! ). Who are you? Could you hear my heart going bumpa bumpa bumpa bump?

  • Johna made the trek, it’s her spot, she has it wired. Her first wave of the day was tremendous, I wish I had a picture – she’s in command on a 10 footer (8 inches too long in my opinion, so I’ll know if you read this). But like I say, ride what you like, like what you ride.

  • For the rest of the night and the next day, I’ve had a certain swagger. BS that’s been bugging me just doesn’t matter. It’s small stuff, and we don’t sweat that, right?

  • "catch a wave and you're sittin' on top of the world" - Brian Wilson


It was another great New England session, worth every drop of the $3.77/gallon gas. Rhode Island the tine state came up big yet again! Maybe I should live there & work in Providence? That’s a happening kinda town.

To think I was hoping for flatness so I wouldn’t have to drive. Not drive! Are you effing kidding me? Not drive and do what, grovel for knee high waves here? On a day off no less? Hey, groveling is fine (read my earlier post), but after today, who needs it?