Friday, August 29, 2008

Jon Sarkin Show

Why this is special:

First it’s important to give a quick background then I’ll cut to the chase:

Ivy league educated, former chiropractor

Suffered a major stroke. Picked up the pieces, prevailed and raised a family, became a great artist.

Family man

Makes amazing art - I’ll quote his website:
“I create in a fever, in a mad torrent of ideas and images. This directly relates to my inability to censor the floodgates of my imagination. Another part of my work is its stream-of-consciousness "texture." This correlates with how my neural architecture has been scrambled by my stroke, resulting in an inability to think linearly and logically.”

His Website

He was featured in the prestigious 2006 DeCordova Annual

DeCordoba site

It was certainly a treat having this reception. The music was especially excellent. New Yorker magazine had a crew up to cover the event. They even interviewed me. Eee-gads!
Please take a moment to check out the links and more importantly see his art at the Shrine Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Avenue, Gloucester.