Saturday, August 30, 2008

twenty twenty twenty four hours to go!

I feel like in in prison with a day to go, but really:
Another Saturday on Cape Ann, and some fun waist hi lines are coming through. I missed it, why, you ask? I’m too busy packing for my week trip to Montauk.


I hope this is an omen of fun waves to come.

But what’s a Hye Tyde blog post without a gripe?

Just 2 today since I'm in a good mood:
1. Dudes, don’t blow weed in front of everyone at the beach. Especially you blokes in your 40’s. Trust me, it’s more fun when it’s off the record, on the q.t., and very hush hush. There are families with kids around, show some class!
2. Would the dill weed who puts up those little “” road signs on public land please stop. It’s litter and against city ordinances. Besides, NO ONE will ever log on! OK, I’m better now.
My goals for this trip:
1. Have fun. The weather forecast is perfect, and the wave outlook is for 3’ waves for most of the week. Yahoo!
2. Gain some clarity on my life direction. It’s been 4 years since living here, a life cycle. I always gain clarity on these trips; I want this to be a good one.

Here’s a good problem, which board(s) shall I bring to Montauk?

See y’all when I get back!