Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ando & Friends

Andy Davis - OK - here's what I think I know:

He started out with Toes on the Nose (they've sucked ever since), then came out with Free around 1999, and then had Byrd around '01-'02. He's done some books, and has a cool style. He's been back for a few years now with Ando & Friends line.

Andy's website

Scenesters & posers have glommed onto his stuff and artwork, but why should I let that diminish my fondness of it? Especially since I can't tell the difference between volcom, quickie, abergagme, and whatever. Let's hope that 15 minutes ends.

I pimped this off another blog, I had to, it's such a nicely produced animation, with the coolest jazz guitar soundtrack ever. Check it: