Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend of low key Fun

There were fun waves up here this past Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Even though I was only able to manage about 90 minutes early on Saturday, it was one of those very satisfying sessions. You know, the kind of session when you got the tide, swell, and glassiness just right. It was nothing epic, but all expectations were exceeded.
LB is usually a shortboard place, but on the receding tide, the Hotel side can work. There were just 7 of us out. Jay, Scotty, Mike B., a nice woman from Gloucester, the Hawaiian Harvard student (I forget his name - super nice dude), his girlfriend, and me. It was overcast, foggy, mild, chest high and pretty fast.
The 777 came up big yet again. Super fast rights & lefts, and I ended it with a big left, rail grab. It’s been stressful lately, and this was the best thing I could have done. For some reason, it was especially cool to be out with Scott Mike B, & Jay. Very mellow vibe, with plenty of waves to go around.

The next morning was much smaller, and the sun was amazing. I went for a bike ride and hit up fellow surfer Andy Cunningham’s super exhibit at the flat rock gallery. An added fun spot was a wild 1950 Custom Ford Tudor Coupe at Dunks. It was gorgeous! Photo’s of Andy's to come.