Monday, November 17, 2008

Mid November loggin’

Saturday was all foggy, onshore & disorganized here at the rock. I passed.

But later I met up with some friends in Nahant. That place works so nicely when the wind is wrong everywhere else. It gets a bum rap as a beginner spot. It’s fun as hell, but it was 4:00 with an hour of light left.

Keep the wetsuit dry for the bigger waves Sunday was my thinking. So no surf on Saturday.

Sunday – Maine, Conditions: chest-shoulder high and offshore wind. Correction, offshore gale. Steady 30mph winds made everything a struggle, even carrying a board was hazardous. I went out anyway with my friend. A few fun drops, a new surf spot, a break in the routine, it’s all good.

Later that afternoon, heading home, I spotted the cleanest waist-chest hi lines coming through about a mile south of where I surfed a few hours earlier. Conditions had really improved, it was far more organized, but the wind was still blasting. I guess that’s the spot. I shall return.